Get into a routine for your annual filter needs. We are partnering with 3M, the industry leader in furnace filters, to bring maximum efficiency and savings to your home. Just choose the type that’s right for you…

  • You’ll receive a year’s worth of filters
  • We’ll set you up with an annual subscription
  • You’ll get reminder emails when it’s time to change your filter

How it Works

Your local Nuts and Bolts Hardware store will provide FREE delivery of a year’s worth of filters, and reminders when it’s time to make the switch throughout the year.

The 3M Program offers 3 separate styles of filters. To get started, choose the filter type that best fits your needs.

Allergen Defense

Micro Allergen Reduction Filter, Attracts & Captures Microscopic Allergens Like Dust, Smoke, & Smog Particles & Large Allergens Like Mold Spores & Pollen.

Starting at $13.99/Filter

Odor Control

Electrostatically Charged Fiber Technology, It Attracts & Captures Microscopic Allergens Like Pet Dander, Smoke, Dust, & Microscopic Particles That Can Carry Bacteria, Viruses & Odors.

Starting At $17.99/Filter

Healthy Living

Proactively capture dust, bacteria, viruses and allergens from the air passing through your filter. Create a cleaner, healthier, and fresher home environment by capturing unwanted particles from your household air.

Starting At $18.99/Filter